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Collaborating with clients to solve complex business problems

Unquestionably Different, Delivering Irrefutable Results

Our management consulting firm focuses on our clients’ most critical issues and implements solutions that deliver results.  With over 35 years of experience working with multiple professional organizations and teams, we differentiate ourselves by our ability to bring together people with disparate views and priorities, and help them work to achieve a common vision.

Bottom line, our unique combination of methodologies and skill sets deliver real, tangible results for our clients.

Our Services

Facilitation & Consulting

Strategic planning, project management, action planning and other services to mobilize for action

Board Development

Supporting boards to develop and build skills to govern effectively and improve organizational performance

Training Opportunities

Workshops to improve your team’s skill sets and support future goals

Is everyone in your organization onboard with the company direction?

Organizations spend an incredible amount of resources trying to build team consensus and create plans to move their mission and vision forward. Often, organizations don’t have the skill sets to provide an objective facilitation experience and their teams are unable to move forward.

Does your organization have a clear vision and plan for the future?

Are your teams “stuck” on a project and unable to move forward?

Have you been struggling to operate efficiently and effectively in the virtual realm?

Does your board understand their role and how to best support your organization?

How We Get It Done

SJD Consulting utilizes highly participative planning and problem-solving techniques to help our clients achieve their strategic corporate or project goals. By co-creating innovative solutions, our clients' teams are fully engaged in the project, empowered with a shared vision, and ready to execute a clear action plan to achieve their desired results.

Our Customers See Results

Develop innovative strategies to achieve outcomes

Reduce time to implement in-house projects

Focus resources to achieve your organization's goals

Ensure the team is working collectively toward the same goal

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